Sears Canada Rebrand

Sears Canada offers a wide range of home merchandise, apparel and automotive products and services through more than 1,320 Sears stores in the U.S. and Canada. That includes more than 790 full-line and more than 50 specialty stores in the U.S. It’s the top company providing home services in the U.S. However, not many young adults seem to go to the store. This rebrand aims to refresh the current logo to a sleek and modern one while maintaining the Sears Canada voice.

Set Yourself

A woman works in the film industry. She has a job which requires heavy equipment use. Her workplace is in a building in which her company has offices on different levels across the building. Sometimes her schedule requires quick shifts from floor to floor. She has to be very precise with her time in order to get from different sets in a timely fashion. She wishes there was a workaround to having to pack up all of her film equipment quickly and get to her next set destination in order to meet strict schedules and stay organized. Set Yourself is the answer.

Why download Set Yourself?

  • Easy to follow checklist of equipment to make sure you never leave anything behind(organized by category)
  • Map and messaging of crew members to know their GPS location as well as to communicate with them.
  • Filters that allow you to specify the project, whether you’re working with a film crew or you’re a director of photography.
  • Personalized timeline for you to track your daily schedule with your crew members.

Georgia Close Up

The process behind this is to provide Georgia Close Up with a whole branded identity. Georgia Close Up is an organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, which encourages informed active citizen participation among young people. They teach practical understanding about public policy and how individuals can affect change. Georgia Close Up is committed to developing new and better ways for young people to be effective local and world citizens. For their brand development, they also needed promotional material for a conference focusing on the rights of children, Human Rights, social injustices, poverty, and the Rights of Women. Current events will be reviewed and discussed to further students’ understanding of the idea of “Thinking Globally and Acting Locally”. Beginning by the logo, I made brainstormed decisions, using the capitol building and a magnifying glass as symbols to indicate the mission of the organization.

Corona Extra Rebrand

I redesigned Corona Extra to extend beyond what consumers normally expect to be the classic bottle. Instead, this rebrand is all-inclusive, including Packaging, Clothing, Billboards, Stationery, and Website Design to show Corona as a lifestyle. Corona’s logotype has a simplified crown, which is easily recognizable on smaller objects and reduced to solely the crown for bottle caps.
This rebrand gives Corona a fresh face as the #1 selling imported beer in the U.S.

Gun Violence Awareness Posts

This series of visual images go behind the scenes of violence that is rampant in our society. Over the past few years, we have been more and more exposed to the rising acts of gun-related violence through video footage on the news. It’s safe to say that the United States has gotten out of hand with the increase in gun-related incidents leading to death.

I created this series to bring awareness to what happens when we rob lives. The posters depict the aftermath and consequences of the death of these civilians, who all had humanitarian and impactful goals. Due to their sudden death by gun violence, their dreams were forcefully robbed of them. A common thread is that the individuals were innocent bystanders of tragedies who were shot and killed. Gun violence has no prejudice, it can aim for all. Consider your local gun laws. As Drake sang in “No Guns Allowed”, “Bullets do not choose a victim. It is the shooter that picks ’em.”

Tilly’s Magazine and Online Store

Tilly’s is an innovative brand marketed towards millennials who are fashion-forward. The magazine, extended onto an online presence via social media, and a website. There’s staple pieces with attention-getting style and fantastic prices, however sometimes the information on their website isn’t very easy to access. Beginning with the magazine, I redesigned the magazine with rich media, stunning photographs, strong statements and a reference back to Tilly’s store, where shoppers can find more material. Overall I elevated the user experience from print to web. From the important data analytics collected, I was able to target my design choices like font, color choice, and visual style of photographs to give a modern and bohemian look and feel.



Definition – (divertissez-vous) to entertain yourself, to amuse yourself

This video is a short animation experimentally playing with typography in graphic methods. I created this animated video of the French phrase “Enjoy Yourself” when thinking about the swift movements in sports. Quick, charged and vanishing, the letters transform mimicking a lightning bolt hitting a brick wall.


This typographic book is based on the film Footloose, the original musical from 1984. The harmonica book is styled so that the viewer can read through it and see the word Footloose progress and enlarge itself in different areas of the word, revealing new text. As the book progresses, the typography expresses the sentiments and reactions of each character. It gives the viewer an approach of zooming into the events that occur throughout the plot. The script moves through the events that surround him, Ren, and the female protagonist, Ariel. Ren is frustrated by the ban on dancing enforced in the town, and after talking to his friend Willard, proposes a dance be held for the high school. He builds friendships and enemies, one of which is Ariel’s boyfriend, Chuck Cranston. Ultimately, Ariel and Ren fall in love. Ren must face Ariel’s father, the local pastor, who is reluctant to allow the dance to follow through. Ariel gives Ren a bible with scriptural quotes about the power of dance. The script is mixed in throughout the film with musical lyrics. It was produced at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Ground Up! Coffee

Scope: Ground Up! Coffee is a start-up company that required branding for promotional material. It needed to convey itself as a company that focuses or healthy organic and local coffee, while maintaining a fresh face. Solution: The branding of Ground Up! Coffee led to the creation of a unique identity. Through the design, the company shows how it is a pioneer in organic coffee growth. Ground Up! Coffee is displayed in earthy greens and browns, signifying the natural “from the ground up” aspect of the brand and the company origins as a startup in Los Angeles.

Squid Robot’s Descent

By drawing out a sequence of exploration sketches and researching robots and squids(as well as other aquatic animals), I delved into a series of refinements of a digital design of a squid robot. All major design beyond the sketches was executed in Adobe illustrator.

Broadstone Midtown Residential Promo Book

Broadstone Midtown, a community in Atlanta, GA is professionally managed by ALLIANCE RESIDENTIAL.
It’s conveniently located and suits many busy lifestyles.
This book provides viewers with a gallery of interior amenities that Broadstone Midtown offers,
making a trip to the leasing office that much closer.


For this project, I manipulated and used the lighting on each set to speak as the language of the photographs. I used color gels in some instances to help set the mood for the images. By implementing a variety of light sources, such as red laser, natural lighting, night lights, lamps, and speedlites, I created 3 sets of dyptichs that convey different lighting effects.


Flora and the Body

This is a series of photographs of the human body as it relates to nature, and flora, specifically. it invites viewers to explore the relationships and similarities between human beings and nature.

FamilyCircle Magazine

I took the cover and an article from Family Circle Magazine, and redesigned it, keeping a light, fresh feel to the design. I wanted to give the article and the cover a unified look with the use of cool blue tones. The cover is direct and easy to read. Redesigning the magazine began as a logo identity change, and moved onto the full cover and then finally the article, aimed towards mothers between their 30s-60s.

Graphic Design and Photography by Bibiana Aguero.
Modeling by Julie Jane Woody.

Women Wellness Technology Reel

The video is a collection of content designed by Bibiana Aguero for the Women Wellness Technology initiative at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness. The agency’s Strategy team provided me with research that I used to design these videos.

A Natural Reality

The artwork titled A Natural Reality is a series of photographs that investigates a new relationship between nature and man as well as the distance between physical human limits and the fathomless depths that entail our imaginations. These photographs open thought about the world and question human capabilities. A Natural Reality looks at the unknown. It provokes the audience to look closely and make sure that they know what it is that they are seeing. I made images that show humans intertwined with nature in an impossible way. It is unnatural for the human body to grow from trees, or to stem out flowers.

The work expands on an earlier series of images that I made, titled “Flora and the Body”, in which humans interact with bark and flowers. In A Natural Reality I explore a deeper interaction of humans becoming one with foliage. I drew inspiration from surrealist paintings as well as Brooke Shaden, a modern day photographer who works with compositing. I was also influenced by nymphs, which in Greek Mythology inhabited rivers and woods. My process was to research nymphs and art that implements humans in natural settings, such as the Hylas by John William Waterhouse, and the work of Jerry Uelsmann and Teun Hocks. This art is a push to another level of reality. Through the use of the human figure with nature, this series of visual images alludes to and is inspired by mythology.