Gun Violence Awareness Posts

This series of visual images go behind the scenes of violence that is rampant in our society. Over the past few years, we have been more and more exposed to the rising acts of gun-related violence through video footage on the news. It’s safe to say that the United States has gotten out of hand with the increase in gun-related incidents leading to death.

I created this series to bring awareness to what happens when we rob lives. The posters depict the aftermath and consequences of the death of these civilians, who all had humanitarian and impactful goals. Due to their sudden death by gun violence, their dreams were forcefully robbed of them. A common thread is that the individuals were innocent bystanders of tragedies who were shot and killed. Gun violence has no prejudice, it can aim for all. Consider your local gun laws. As Drake sang in “No Guns Allowed”, “Bullets do not choose a victim. It is the shooter that picks ’em.”