Set Yourself

A woman works in the film industry. She has a job which requires heavy equipment use. Her workplace is in a building in which her company has offices on different levels across the building. Sometimes her schedule requires quick shifts from floor to floor. She has to be very precise with her time in order to get from different sets in a timely fashion. She wishes there was a workaround to having to pack up all of her film equipment quickly and get to her next set destination in order to meet strict schedules and stay organized. Set Yourself is the answer.

Why download Set Yourself?

  • Easy to follow checklist of equipment to make sure you never leave anything behind(organized by category)
  • Map and messaging of crew members to know their GPS location as well as to communicate with them.
  • Filters that allow you to specify the project, whether you’re working with a film crew or you’re a director of photography.
  • Personalized timeline for you to track your daily schedule with your crew members.

Date: 2016Role: UI DesignerLocation: Atlanta, GA