This typographic book is based on the film Footloose, the original musical from 1984. The harmonica book is styled so that the viewer can read through it and see the word Footloose progress and enlarge itself in different areas of the word, revealing new text. As the book progresses, the typography expresses the sentiments and reactions of each character. It gives the viewer an approach of zooming into the events that occur throughout the plot. The script moves through the events that surround him, Ren, and the female protagonist, Ariel. Ren is frustrated by the ban on dancing enforced in the town, and after talking to his friend Willard, proposes a dance be held for the high school. He builds friendships and enemies, one of which is Ariel’s boyfriend, Chuck Cranston. Ultimately, Ariel and Ren fall in love. Ren must face Ariel’s father, the local pastor, who is reluctant to allow the dance to follow through. Ariel gives Ren a bible with scriptural quotes about the power of dance. The script is mixed in throughout the film with musical lyrics. It was produced at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Georgia Close Up

The process behind this is to provide Georgia Close Up with a whole branded identity. Georgia Close Up is an organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, which encourages informed active citizen participation among young people. They teach practical understanding about public policy and how individuals can affect change. Georgia Close Up is committed to developing new and better ways for young people to be effective local and world citizens. For their brand development, they also needed promotional material for a conference focusing on the rights of children, Human Rights, social injustices, poverty, and the Rights of Women. Current events will be reviewed and discussed to further students’ understanding of the idea of “Thinking Globally and Acting Locally”. Beginning by the logo, I made brainstormed decisions, using the capitol building and a magnifying glass as symbols to indicate the mission of the organization.